Seven Reasons To Fake It With Faux Flowers

1. Brighten up your home

Although nothing quite beats the beauty of a freshly cut bunch of flowers, our
luxury faux flowers are so realistic they really do look and feel like the real thing and will look bright, fresh, and full of life for years to come. If you want them to smell like real flowers then you can spritz them with some floral perfume or mix in some seasonal foliage.

2. Bloom all year round

Opting for artificial blooms is a great investment as they are incredibly good value as you only have to buy them once compared to real flowers that have a limited lifespan and can be costly. No need to buy a fresh bunch every week, faux flowers will never droop or wilt and will brighten up any interior.

3. Sustainable Stems

Approximately 90% of fresh cut flowers sold in the UK are imported from countries like the Netherlands, where they are grown in heated greenhouses and use pesticides; releasing large amounts of CO2. Reusability is an important factor to consider when living sustainably and faux flowers last a lifetime.

4. Minimal Maintenance

Faux flowers are very durable and long lasting and need minimal effort to maintain. Simply arrange them, and occasionally use a clean, damp microfibre cloth to gently wipe off any dust. You no longer have to worry about placing them in sunlight, watering them and keeping them alive, they’ll stay in perfect condition all year round.

5. Creative Displays

Faux flowers are a beautiful centrepiece if you have a dinner party or unexpected guests arrive and you don’t have time to visit a florist. Your home will always look bright, fresh and inviting. Choosing an artificial alternative means your options are endless, we have plenty of stems, sprays and foliage to choose from so you can get creative and mix and match with the faux stems you have, adding in and removing different ones to create brand new arrangements to suit your interior or the season.

6. Always in season

Enjoy your favourite seasonal blooms on display all year round, no matter the season. One of the downsides to fresh flowers is that you may not always have access to your favourite flowers throughout the year.

7. Hypoallergenic

Faux flowers are a great allergy-free alternative for people with hay fever or pollen allergies. Having a realistic artificial replacement means you can still bring the outside in and add some greenery and freshness to your home whilst also protecting those who may be sensitive to pollen.


We'd love to hear about how you use faux flowers in your home and see your arrangements. Comment below and tag us in your pictures on Instagram. @acasalondon

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